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LINCS Vocabulary Strategy: Instructor’s Manual
Edwin S. Ellis
LINCS Vocabulary Strategy: Instructor’s Manual
Learning—and remembering—the meaning of new vocabulary words is not always easy! Students buy often have to take weekly tests covering the meaning of 20 or more vocabulary words. If they  want to go to college, they need to know the meaning of hundreds of words to do well on college entrance exams. This is a daunting task for many students!  
The LINCS Vocabulary Strategy is a five-step strategy that students can use to remember a vocabulary word and its  meaning—now and in the future. The creation of rhyming words, simple stories, and pictures comprise this memory-enhancing strategy that enables students to expand their vocabulary  and have fun in the process. As a part of the program, students learn to make study cards and to test themselves over the information. This instructor’s manual contains sets of words and definitions to be used in practice activities as well as quizzes. Research has shown that students who were failing vocabulary tests could earn “Cs” or better after they learned the strategy. Remember to order the student practice materials! 

LINCS Vocabulary Strategy: Instructor’s Manual

Prerequisites: This strategy instruction is best suited for students who can think of words that rhyme with a given word and who can make pictures of definitions in their minds.

Publisher: Edge Enterprises, Inc.

Student practice materials: Practicing the Storage Strategies and Lexicons

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